Individual Headshots

Individual professional headshots for PR are essential for small businesses, actors, speakers, entertainers, consultants and business experts. Clients make up their minds about who to engage upon their biography and their image, so a great headshot is as important as the story, experience and credentials.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Images – the image you choose to represent you online and on social media is so important Read more

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Boardroom Headshots

Boardroom headshots have now become part of people’s CV and personal brand. Your first impression counts and people make their decision about you within an instance of seeing you. Therefore you need a dynamic and individual headshot for business needs that will encourage people to engage and contact you.

A professional business headshot is used by many industries from accountancy professionals, legal experts, Headhunters,Read more

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Social Media Headshots

You don’t just need to call us for a headshot for business purposes, good images that portray you and your true personality can be used for all sorts of reasons from headshots for social media to headshots dating to passport and identity images.

Your personal LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Images can be fun, represent your personality and spirit. Read more

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Personal Headshots

Company team head shots and Exec Team Head shots

Businesses use headshots as part of team and brand communications to introduce teams or executive teams. From hospital departmental teams to business unit heads in large organisations. Headshots for groups, committees and teams are an essential part of communication in businesses appearing on websites, company noticeboards, business reception areas and many more places. Read more

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Group Headshots

We are often invited to events and exhibitions to up a pop up headshot studio and capture delegates headshots throughout the event. You can choose between supplying them a high or low resolution headshot courtesy of you or making them pay for their own image.

We simply require a small space minimum 4x3m and a plug point. We set up ready for guests to arrive.Read more

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